The purpose of our Society is:

  • Making connections to practitioners and teachers
  • Encouraging members to become fully trained Colour Care Consultant or Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Promoting Aura-Soma® Courses
  • Offering special promotional offers to members

The Aura-Soma® Society of New Zealand Inc. is affiliated with the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc. and aims to set and maintain professional standards and ethical practices in Aura-Soma® New Zealand as well as increasing the awareness of Aura-Soma® products and practices.

The Aura-Soma® Society of New Zealand Inc. encourages, assists and supports its members to become Chartered. This in turn ensures credibility, competency, accountability, an umbrella of protection and insurance, grounding, political power when necessary; and most of all professional integrity.